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With space-based IoT, industries can leverage cost-effective monitoring — anywhere on the planet.

From precision agriculture to supply chain management, lack of cost-effective and efficient data communications solutions place significant limitations on the quality of monitoring for a number of global industries.

For those operators located in remote locations, and for those industries that involve travel through remote areas of the planet, current inefficiencies can be well-served by space-based Internet of Things technology.

Better Precision Agriculture With Democratized IoT Technology

With Helios sensors and Access Points, farmers will subscribe to a cloud-based Precision Agriculture service. Sensors that measure soil properties like pH, moisture, conductivity etc. will communicate to a Helios Access Point, where data is aggregated and transmitted to a satellite, resulting is cost-effective and efficient analysis.


Tracking Tankers Carrying Hazardous, Flammable Liquid

Right now there is little means of monitoring flammable liquids aboard tankers. IoT technology can improve safety through satellite-enabled monitoring of safety instrumentation, especially where there is little-to-no terrestrial network connectivity.


Machine and Equipment Monitoring of Goods and Passenger Trains

The current manner in which RFID tags monitor passenger and goods trains, places constraints on the quality of monitoring. There are no means to continuously monitor these parameters while the train is in motion. By comparison, Helios can track critical instrumentation parameters continuously, even while the train is in motion.


Telecom Infrastructure RMS During DR and Downtime

During natural disasters and unplanned downtime of cell sites, there are no means to check the operational parameters of cell site equipment — a problem that’s yet to be solved. Instead, Helios can provide a useful backhaul channel of communication during unplanned events and allow maintenance staff to send SMS messages.


Asset Monitoring in the Energy Sector

In remote areas and at all stages, the oil and gas industry is subject to huge costs in the process of maintaining, monitoring, and operating critical equipment. IoT technology delivered by Helios can provide not only greater cost-effective monitoring, but also the opportunity to monitor in remote areas.


Supply Chain and Transportation Monitoring

Less than a fifth of Earth’s terrestrial domain is covered by a communications network, which leads to limitations in the ability to monitor goods travelling across the globe. While conventional monitoring is extremely expensive, Helios is providing an efficient and economical solution to track these valuable assets and goods.


Infrastructure Monitoring for the Mining Industry

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on the safety and maintenance of mining equipment. To Helios can continuously monitor safety instrumentation, even where there is little-to-no terrestrial network connectivity in remote areas of the globe.


Infrastructure Monitoring of Oil & Gas Industry

Millions are spent annually on maintenance of critical and complex equipment. With the help of space-based IoT technology, connectivity and data delivery can be accomplished at less than half the cost of conventional means like cellular and geo satellites.


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