Democratizing the Internet of Things.
From space.

Helios Wire is using 30 MHz of priority mobile satellite system (MSS) S-band spectrum to build a 2-way global satellite-enabled system for ultra-low cost short burst data services covering connected assets and devices that don’t require high bandwidth but are cost sensitive.

This allocation of spectrum is capable of tracking and monitoring up to 5 billion remote transmitters, using sophisticated very low-cost, state-of-the-art, miniaturized multi-functional tags and technology. The S-band frequency leads to minimal antenna size and a simplified system design and cost which allows us significant flexibility in the overall design of the system.

Small transmitters collect information such as location, infrastructure reliability, crop health, asset elevation, or virtually any other digital information. That information is then relayed up to a constellation of satellites that Helios is building out. These satellites, orbiting in different orbit planes and positions around each orbit, pick up the signals and data from the ground based transmitters and forward that down to antennas on the ground, where it is then uploaded to a cloud-based analytics platform that allows for better information and decisions.

These satellites will be launched in a phased approach beginning in 2018.

Track Assets and Logistics

The Helios tracking devices and system is designed to connect remote assets, with particular application for the logistics, transportation, fleet monitoring, oil and gas, and insurance industries.

Data and Information

The Helios data platform will allow users to extract their data, analyze it, and derive real, actionable information from it.  Information is most valuable when it is fast and relevant. The Helios M2M system will provide that.


Helios is focused on enabling the Internet of Things and M2M for industries and people and markets that up to now haven’t been able to take advantage of global monitoring, tracking, and monitoring.


“IoT is transcending the hype cycle, changing lives and delivering tangible and measurable benefits to consumers and businesses alike. Innovation, productivity and value will continue to thrive as adoption increases.” - Verizon Enterprise