Enabling data, applications, and machine to machine connections, everywhere. The industrial internet of things. From space.

Helios Wire is bringing satellite-enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things connectivity to the mass market by using priority mobile satellite system (MSS) S-band spectrum to build a 2-way global satellite-enabled system for ultra-low cost short burst data services covering connected assets and devices that need high volumes.

Businesses need information.  It doesn’t matter if a company has operations around the world, or just around the corner, more information allows for more insight, better decisions, and improved results. Machine-to-machine communication enables data, analytics, and actionable insight.

Innovations using M2M are coming online almost every day as businesses understand what is now possible and begin to track, monitor and maintain remote assets, utility grids, remote infrastructure, and inventory in a way that has never been possible.

The Helios system is designed for both existing and emerging IoT and M2M applications, including the monitoring and controlling of both fixed and mobile assets in the transportation, consumer, logistics, security/public safety, energy, mining, industrial/construction, agriculture, animal management, and other industries. Helios will service local, national, and global markets, spread over regional, rural and remote areas, difficult terrain, and in maritime areas and emerging markets underserved or poorly served by existing satellite and terrestrial-based solutions.

Providing M2M with the goal of enabling the Internet-of-Things from Space will be done by blending terrestrial based networks with our constellation of low earth orbiting satellites in order to use the combined dataset, for analytics, for information, and for actionable insight-as-a-service.


“The global industrial sector is poised to undergo a fundamental structural change akin to the industrial revolution as we usher in the IoT.” - Goldman Sachs