Enabling data, applications, and M2M connections — everywhere.


Almost every day, M2M-powered innovations are emerging as businesses understand the possibilities. In a way that has never been possible, businesses now track, monitor and maintain remote assets, utility grids, remote infrastructure, inventory, and more.

The Helios system is designed for both existing and emerging IoT and M2M applications, including the monitoring and controlling of fixed and mobile assets in industries like transportation, consumer, logistics, security/public safety, energy, mining, industrial/construction, agriculture, and animal management.

We’ll be servicing local, national, and global markets that cross regional, rural and remote areas — as well as difficult terrain and maritime areas. Focus will remain on emerging markets that are currently underserved or poorly served by existing satellite and terrestrial-based solutions.

To provide M2M with space-enabled IoT, Helios will blend terrestrial-based networks with its constellation of low-Earth-orbit satellites — combining those datasets for analytics, information, and actionable insight-as-a-service.


Helios Wire’s space-based blockchain is both safer and more efficient. And to make it happen, we’re leveraging our satellite system to power blockchain and IoT data, applications, and M2M connections, worldwide.

How we do it is by opening connectivity to the mass market with our priority filing of S-band spectrum, something that is virtually unheard of in our industry. The result is a two-way global system for ultra-low-cost, short burst data services, built for high-volume applications.

We all know businesses require information — data — to drive their decisions. Big Data allows for deeper insights, better decisions, and improved results, regardless of whether a company’s operations span the globe or a city block. M2M, IoT communication enables precisely this: data, analytics, and actionable insight.