Bringing blockchain to the world.
With space-based IoT.


Frequent, secure connections:
To store data, complete transactions,
and optimize logistics.


Open new markets and better
service existing ones.
Efficiently and Affordably.


Liberating the world’s data.

Then securing it in orbit.


The Helios Mission

Helios is democratizing IoT to make blockchain technology accessible, secure and affordable for small, medium, and large organizations, worldwide.

The IoT movement is already changing how the world does business, as it ushers in the next industrial revolution. By 2020, it’s expected that 24 billion IoT connected devices will exist and $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions, according to industry predictions.


Two solutions, working as one.

In our Helios system two disruptive technologies — IoT and blockchain — are implemented at once, in a combination that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Vertically integrated and satellite-enabled, the Helios system allows for efficient and affordable monitoring, tracking, and messaging communications with as many as 5 billion devices, worldwide. Something that only industry behemoths can do.

The Helios system.

The Helios blockchain system will be both space and terrestrial based, which means it’s even more secure than terrestrial based systems.

Data and blockchain ledgers can be backed up with space-based IoT, thereby increasing Big Data security, utility, and longevity — a fact that is especially important when servicing ultra-high-volume market applications that require low bandwidth and low service costs.



M2M makes it all possible.

Helios provides IoT and M2M connectivity for organizations that are not yet able to track, monitor and analyze data on a global scale.

Enabled by M2M, the ability for machines to ‘talk’ to one another, blockchain can help IoT reach its full potential by allowing IoT machines to become autonomous, not just ‘connected’. It allows them to engage in transactions.


The IoT shouldn’t be expensive and complicated.
It shouldn’t solely be available to Big Business.

If done right,
IoT can be harnessed by everyone.

The Internet of Things


The IoT movement is already changing how the world does business and is set to become the next industrial revolution. By 2020, 24 billion IoT connected devices will be in existence, according to industry predictions, and $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions.

Connecting the world.

We’re democratizing two revolutionary technologies. Because blockchain and IoT shouldn’t be costly, complicated, or inaccessible. If done right, they can can be harnessed by everyone.

Tracking and logistics.

We connect assets at a global scale — which is impossible with cell networks alone. This is particularly useful for logistics, transportation, fleet monitoring, oil and gas, and insurance.

Data and insight delivery.

Information is most valuable when it’s fast and relevant. Our web platform will ingest data from billions of trackers and tags, allowing users to extract, analyze, and derive actionable insights.