Enabling data, applications,
and machine to machine
connections, everywhere.


Track assets. Talk Logistics.
Stay Connected.


Open up new markets and
service existing ones.


Helios is building

a fully disruptive, global, and vertically integrated satellite-enabled monitoring and messaging service that will track and provide communication with up to 5 billion transmitters.  It will be a space and terrestrial-based Internet of Things and Machine to Machine service specifically designed for ultra-high volume market applications requiring low bandwidth and low service costs.


Helios believes that the IoT shouldn’t be expensive, complicated, or only for large global companies. If done right, it can literally be for everyone.

The Internet of Things

is a technological development that truly promises to change the world. Predictions are that there will be another 24 billion IoT connected devices by 2020 and $6 trillion spent on IoT solutions.


Helios is focused on enabling the Internet of Things and M2M for industries and people and markets that up to now haven’t been able to take advantage of global monitoring, tracking, and monitoring.

Track Assets & Logistics

The Helios tracking devices and system is designed to connect remote assets, with particular application for the logistics, transportation, fleet monitoring, oil and gas, and insurance industries.

Data & Information

The Helios data platform will allow users to extract their data, analyze it, and derive real, actionable information from it.  Information is most valuable when it is fast and relevant. The Helios M2M system will provide that.